Make your voice count before new laws are passed. Keep elected officials accountable.

IssueVoter is a non-partisan , constituent engagement tool for busy Americans like you to make a real, measurable impact. We alert you when issues that matter most to you are up for vote, and with one click, instantly let your representative know your opinion.

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“88% of Capitol Hill staffers agree that electronic messages from constituents influence their bosses' decisions.”

Everything you’re interested in.

Sign up and we find your representative automatically. Choose issues that matter most to you, such as the economy, education, or healthcare.

Customizable real-time alerts.

Know about new bills related to your issues as soon as they’re introduced - without having to search – when there’s still chance to weigh in before it’s too late.

IssueVoter is your cure for political FOMO.

Legislation, for humans.

IssueVoter translates complex legislation with straightforward, unbiased summaries, along with pros & cons, and related news stories.

Instantly voice your opinion

You decide to “support” or “oppose” a specific issue and with one click, instantly notify your representative. No postage stamps, no telephone calls, no long web forms, and no petitions; one click connects you with your decision maker.

96% of incumbents get re-elected regardless of their voting records.

Results and Impact

Find out when bills pass and whether your elected official is truly representing you.

Become an informed voter

Using IssueVoter now can inform your vote in the next election.

”You'd never hire & pay an employee without seeing their work throughout the year. But we pay politicians with our tax dollars and re-elect them, regardless of whether they’re doing their job, which is representing us.”

Maria Yuan
Founder and CEO, IssueVoter

  • Track your rep's activity.

    We tell you how your rep voted, how often your representative agrees with you, and whether or not they’ve attended a vote.

  • Follow an issue from start to finish.

    You can easily track the status of bills, and we’ll notify you if a bill you voted for passes.

  • Stay up-to-date, in real time.

    You customize the frequency of email alerts related to your interests, and you can vote directly from your inbox.

  • Encourage open discussion.

    You can share an issue on your favorite social network, without revealing your personal opinion.

  • Act on issues that don’t make headlines.

    We don’t only tell you about what is breaking the news; we check for updates every hour to make sure you have the latest information.

  • Become an informed voter.

    Using IssueVoter year-round informs you before elections, and keeps money's influence out of your opinion. Only re-elect reps who truly represented you.

The two-party system is becoming more polarized.

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