We Are IssueVoter

IssueVoter is a nonpartisan, nonprofit online platform dedicated to giving everyone a voice in our democracy.

Our free public service makes civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.

Make Democracy Work for You

It’s not easy to keep track of what’s happening in Congress. Researching legislation is time-consuming. Contacting your reps takes effort. And petitions only go so far.

We’re here to help. With IssueVoter, you can make your voice heard:
  • Get alerts on new legislation — before your reps vote
  • Understand new bills quickly and easily
  • Share your opinion directly with your reps
  • See how often your reps agree with you

Our Vision for Better, Sustainable Policymaking

Voter Participation

We help you learn about legislation affecting issues you care about so you can make an informed choice.

Transparency and Accountability

Our platform allows you to track your elected officials’ votes so you can hold them accountable.

Fair and Equitable Feedback

By opening lines of communication between you and your elected officials, we can reduce the influence of big money in politics.

Increased Knowledge, Empowered Action

We demystify the legislative process so you can take action and participate in our representative democracy.

Reduced Polarization

We always present both sides in the same place. We’ve heard, “Before IssueVoter, I didn’t even know there could be another side to this issue!”

IssueVoters Make a Difference

IssueVoters are a diverse group, hailing from all 50 states and 435 congressional districts and D.C. We represent all age groups, genders, political identities, and ethnicities.

As a direct result of using IssueVoter:


saw bills for the first time via IssueVoter alerts


took another form of civic action, such as attending a town hall or volunteering


were exposed to new viewpoints


were motivated to vote in the first place

Become an IssueVoter

When you join IssueVoter, you’ll be able to send opinions to your reps in one click, track issues you care about, and make your voice heard in our democracy.
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When you join IssueVoter, you’ll be able to send opinions to your reps in one click, track issues you care about, and make your voice heard in our democracy.
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Our Founder’s Story

Maria Yuan
Austin, Texas
Founder Maria Yuan first envisioned IssueVoter while managing a State Senate campaign in Iowa, a battleground state known for its voter engagement. Having previously worked for a Representative, she knew how little contact voters have with legislators year-round despite the fact that reps really do count every constituent contact. She thought, “How can we extend engagement beyond elections and keep elected officials accountable? How can we help everyone understand new laws that will affect their daily lives?” Maria founded IssueVoter to give everyone an effective, easy-to-use digital platform to voice their opinions and play an active role in the policymaking process.

Our Advisory Board

Adrienne Schmoeker
New York, New York
Ashley Portillo-Baloy
Los Angeles, CA
Dave Green
Orlando, Florida
Emma Welsh-Huggins
Washington, DC
Heather Lawver
Washington, DC
Heather Matranga
Washington, DC
Jenny Young
Austin, Texas
Jeremy Garson
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Jonathan de Wolff
Austin, Texas
Liz Dunn
San Antonio, Texas
Olivia Snarski
Brooklyn, New York
William Smith
New York, New York

IssueVoter Members

IssueVoters hail from all 50 states and 435 congressional districts, plus D.C. Our members come from all age groups, political affiliations, gender identities, and ethnicities.

Our members want to be informed, participate in the political process, access nonpartisan information, and hold their reps accountable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many emails will I receive?

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